A Little Town Called Lewes

I am so in love with this town, one stop on the train from Brighton, birth place of Bill’s restaurants and antique shopping heaven.

I recommend the halloumi and humus burger mainly because every meal can be made better with the addition of halloumi. We sat outside in the sun with a view of the river, it’s so peaceful and pretty.
There are so many little streets to explore in the sun with an abundance of independent cafés and shops and at least a days worth of antique shops to sort through.

‘Closet & Botts’ reminds me of Flourish & Blotts (I wish)
Whether or not you’re in the market for a questionable 60s TV stand or a creepy ‘vintage’ doll (why were toys so scary), Lewes is a great place to spend a summer afternoon and with Brighton merely a stones throw away  what’s not to love?

My outfit was actually a bit overkill for the weather that day (a cool 24degrees). The boots I bought one or two years ago and they have barely seen the light of day but I see them coming out with me a lot more this season. 
Jeans: Primark / Boots: Clark’s / Top: New Look / Sunglasses: Topshop

If people didn’t want photos of their houses taken, they wouldn’t make them so pretty.
This place is well worth a visit rain or shine. Going abroad is my favourite thing to do but it’s always so satisfying discovering and exploring places right on my doorstep too (and saving on the air fare).


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