5 days in Berlin

This was the first trip I have been on where I have felt like a true tourist. In five days I visited pretty much every tourist attraction Berlin has to offer and came home feeling like I needed another holiday.  It was such a great little break from London. The history, though tragic, is intriguing, the people are friendly and the food is great.

The city is covered in street art and graffiti. This was probably my favourite piece at the East Side Gallery site of the Berlin wall because y’know, I like the environment and stuff.
Unfortunately most of the Charlottenburg Palace was covered in scaffolding at the time but it was still pretty magnificent.
Cute little food hall in Kreuzberg, a little bit out of the madness of the tourist filled streets of Mitte. We had a lovely ciabatta pizza slice for cheaps. It felt as though many of the stalls were just setting up so I can imagine it being more alive in the evening. 
Apparently there are photo booths dotted all over the city and we found one.
Awkward hand motions on museum Island. We didn’t actually visit any of the museums here but they were incredible just from the outside. The architecture in Berlin is breathtaking.
We took a guided tour of a concentration camp to the north of the city. The eye-opening visit was completely humbling and even with the best education it is impossible to fully imagine what the prisoners went through. Not the most uplifting thing to do on a Wednesday afternoon but still highly recommended.
Things I learned in Berlin: I like trees
Chipmunking on the Reichstag government building.
The holocaust memorial at sunset is probably one of the most heart-wrenching things I have ever seen.
If only I had a license.

Berlin made me want to see more of the world that is on my doorstep. Europe is such a culturally varied continent with so many exciting opportunities on offer. It’s time to explore!


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