This year for Christmas…

Right, so Christmas is basically here seeing as most major holidays are now out of the way and have paved a merry little path to the best time of year. Therefore it is totally acceptable to be trawling the internet looking at every Christmas beauty gift set there is available to man (and more importantly woman). So here are the ones at the top of my neverending wishlist….

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ASOS A/W Style: Coats

The number 1 thing I want from life right now is a brand new coat. Okay, that may be a slight tiny little over-exaggeration but scrolling through ASOS at the moment is giving me serious coat cravings. Realistically I should only buy one but how can I decide when there are so many beauties to choose from? I have a pretty healthy ASOS faves list right now and have picked my favourites of the favourites in hope that I will eventually stop just staring and watching them go in and out of stock and actually make up my mind.

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Smoothie heaven

I recently received a sample of Love Your Blender smoothie blend in the sweet lacuma flavour so thought I would try it out and tell y’all what I think! The packet gives great little suggestions for which ingredients to blend the powders with to achieve different types of drinks (creamy, refreshing, indulgent; that sort of thing). These are handy tips to try the flavours out without having to experiment straight away and ending up with something that tastes like a savoury banana.

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