Smoothie heaven

I recently received a sample of Love Your Blender smoothie blend in the sweet lacuma flavour so thought I would try it out and tell y’all what I think! The packet gives great little suggestions for which ingredients to blend the powders with to achieve different types of drinks (creamy, refreshing, indulgent; that sort of thing). These are handy tips to try the flavours out without having to experiment straight away and ending up with something that tastes like a savoury banana.


I chose to to use a banana and around 300ml of unsweetened almond milk for a sweet and creamy smoothie and I was not disappointed. The powder mix blends so well (I used a Vitamix) and is completely smooth after a few seconds. The flavour is sweet from the natural sweetness of lacuma rather than being overpowering as other sugars often are.


As as well as tasting amazing, the powders also have so many health benefits with so many nutrients packed into that tiny packet. Carob powder, flax seeds and hemp seeds provide healthy oils, vitamins and nutrients for a great kick-start to any day. These are little sachets of pure goodness, though at 3 quid a pop I will probably just stick to making my own smoothie creations. Most of the ingredients can be bought at health food stores e.g. Holland and Barrett in bulk for a fraction of the price so if you’re short on the pennies and have enough time I would recommend buying them and making the mixes yourself.

All the Love Your Blender flavours, their ingredients and health benefits can be found on the website.


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