Mini IKEA Haul

I took a little trip to IKEA the other day with my mum and picked up some pretty adorable and useful bits. It’s one of my favourite stores, it really keeps up with current trends in home decor with the colours and designs they use. It’s probably the best place for picking up handy things for the home. Of course it’s never going to be the best quality but for the price it does me just fine.


I saw this throw on a sofa near the front of the shop and knew it would look perfect in my bedroom. The colours are so rich and lovely I also bought a grey one for my boyfriend’s sofa because at £5.50 each they are a snuggly little bargain!


Right before we left my mum reminded me I needed a reading lamp for my bedroom because my bedside lamp (also from IKEA) is a little too dim to read by and I am so glad she did! This little beauty is my new favourite item in my room. The copper colour, though a tiny bit brassy is gorgeous and the size and shape makes it a simple, understated piece. The clip has rubber on the inside so wooden frames don’t get scratched and ruined and though it includes a non-replaceable bulb it is supposed to last something crazy like 20,000 hours so I think I’m covered. It was only £10 and comes in black and white too.

Guys! Look at this plant! It is so diddy and cute I could not resist. There were different coloured pots and a larger version but I adored the stripes on this one so much. It’s a semi-succulent so doesn’t require much looking after and if repotted could grow considerably larger. I’ll probably keep it at this size because look at how cute! I believe this one cost £2.50

I knew I needed somewhere to store my bath salts as they came in a hardly resealable plastic packet. I love the look and shape of this little kilby jar (looks great on the shelf) and it makes it really easy to use the salts when I want to. This one was £1.75 and came in three or four different sizes. I also picked up the glass bottle at the same time because I like to make iced tea and I’m tired of storing it in plastic


Just before Christmas I picked up some wrapping paper to use for birthdays and her occasions (ie not Christmas) and my wonderful older brother decided to steal it and use it all up. So luckily it is still available now and I restocked. I love these pastel geoprint rolls and I bought the matching gift tags too. The pattern and colours are so on trend right now and make gift giving even more rewarding.

These and a couple of other bits came to under £30 (I am always pleasantly surprised when I get to the checkout) and I probably run a risk to having an entire IKEA house in the future.

Which are your favourite home stores? Which home trends are you into right now?

Peace, love and all copper everything.

Elie xx


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