Style Diary/Lazy Days

Hey guys!

This post is just a really simple and make-up and outfit of the day. I’m not really up to much today so wanted to be really comfy and be able to throw a coat over the top of what I’m wearing because I have to travel home from my boyfriend’s house later this evening. Apologies for the quality of the photos, I’ve only got my phone with me!



I’ve got my make-up routine down to 10-15 minutes now after many years of practice. You can see my everyday make-up routine in an earlier post. I vary the amount of gel eyeliner I use and how heavily I do my eyebrows but everything else pretty much stays the same. Please excuse the brows they need some serious TLC. I’ve got a No.7 lipstick on in the colour classic rose. It’s a really lovely pink to wear during the day.


Comfy days I wear specs! I only really wear lenses if I’m going out during the day or night because they irritate my eyes if I wear them too often. Glasses unfortunately make my eyes smaller than they actually are which can be a bit annoying but c’est la vie I suppose.


So for my outfit I’m wearing a baggy shirt that I bought recently from New Look. It’s soft and light and will do well in winter and summer. I love the 90s look of it (even though my boyfriend says the stripes look like wallpaper!)


My jeans are from Primark so nothing special. I’m in  the market for a good pair of skinny jeans as these are far too stretchy and don’t keep their shape during the day at all. I had some Urban Outfitters ones that I loved and wore them so much they ended up ripping down the thigh and on the crotch! (oops!)


My watch was a Christmas present and it’s from Olivia Burton. I adore the simplicity of her watches and will probably ask for a third for my birthday! They are relatively inexpensive so great to buy as an extra accessory.


What are your fave items for chilling around the house?

Peace, love and 90s stripes

Elie xx



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