The Liebster Award

The Liebster award is for bloggers with under 500 followers. When nominated you are set 11 questions to answer and it is such a great way to discover new blogs. So I have been nominated by Charlotte from (thank you very much for doing so!) and here goes!

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How to be a Unicorn Every Morning

Anyone who knows me will know that I am not one for mornings. I’ve been known to waste entire days away in bed and it’s just not okay any more to do this on the regular. So I have decided to MAKE myself a morning person and here are my helpful little tips. 

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Ten Things/NYC

Okay so I got back from New York over a month ago now so this is long overdue but I just couldn’t handle the pain of the Brooklyn blues until now (I LOVE London but it doesn’t quite cut it in comparison). I’ve finally decided to make a nice little list of places you should 100% visit (and one you can miss) if you ever find yourself in the big apple. P.S. not all the photos correspond to the activity. P.P.S. this is mostly about food.

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