Ten Things/NYC

Okay so I got back from New York over a month ago now so this is long overdue but I just couldn’t handle the pain of the Brooklyn blues until now (I LOVE London but it doesn’t quite cut it in comparison). I’ve finally decided to make a nice little list of places you should 100% visit (and one you can miss) if you ever find yourself in the big apple. P.S. not all the photos correspond to the activity. P.P.S. this is mostly about food.

1. Peaches – Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn.

This little restaurant serving southern gems is incredible if you like meat. Best bit: The 12 hour short ribs are the most amazing piece of food I have ever eaten and we actually went back a second time just so I could relive the moment. Regrets: not trying the peach melba French toast.

2. Roberta’s – Williamsburg, Brooklyn

THE best mozzarella I have ever had in my life. Could have eaten it for hours. The pizzas were pretty good too. The walk from the subway was less than scenic; stuck in the middle of old warehouses turned apartments and still functioning factories the area is the epitome of hipster. The actual restaurant was made out of old shipping containers and has its own radio recording studio. East London eat your heart out.

3. Saraghina – Bedford-Stuyvesant,Brooklyn

I told you there was a lot of food! Food is my fave hobby and I will never get enough, okay? We went here on the first night because it was so close to where we were staying. Has a nice, chilled, ambient feel and the lights are so low you can barely read the menu. Has those cool, fancy filament bulbs and signs from an old golf resort/hotel. Seriously great pizza.

4. Café Luluc – Cobble Hill, Brooklyn

Best. Pancakes. Ever. Crispy on the outside light and fluffy inside doused in maple syrup and topped with fruit. Again this place deserved and received a second visit. The first time we went, there were us and maybe two other groups in there but there was a 20 minute wait the second time which we didn’t mind at all because the brunches are well worth it.

5. Brooklyn Heights Promenade

That skyline. You can see an uninterrupted view of the city from here. Don’t get me wrong, I love rolling hills and trees on trees but a good city scape is pretty darn special too. It was bloody freezing but great to be able to walk alongside Manhattan and across Brooklyn bridge.


6. Riverside Park – Manhattan

This walkway spans like half of the west side of Manhattan it’s incredible!! There are lots of dogs and geese and and an amazing big white bridge in the distance. Probably the best walk to do in the city in my opinion. Nice and out of the way of the hustle and bustle to be able to chill and go at your own pace.


7. Dean and Deluca – Soho, Manhattan

The most ridiculous deli/supermarket ever. A tad pricey but all the cheese, fresh produce and sushi you could ever ask for. Went for lunch a couple of times, their doughnuts are ace. 

8. Top of the rock – Rockefeller Plaza, Manhattan

One of the more touristy things I did but unmissable. Central Park on one side, the Empire State and everything else on the other. We went for the twice in one day thing so were able to see the city in all its glory and then watch the sun set in the evening. I’ve been up the Empire State before but this definitely wins out.

9. The High Line – Chelsea, Manhattan

Seriously, what is this? Nice concept but rather underwhelming. The most redeeming feature is that you don’t have to stop every two seconds to cross the roads.

10. Chelsea market – Chelsea, Manhattan

Probably not at all what it used to be, now a big modern food ‘market’ with lots of different eateries to choose from. Excellent ice cream right at the end to top it all off. As if I needed those two free scoops!

New York City is the land of dreams. I came home believing I could start a new life there and missing it as if I had just left my forever home (can a New Yorker adopt me like an abandoned puppy pretty please)

Peace, love and concrete jungles



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