How to be a Unicorn Every Morning

Anyone who knows me will know that I am not one for mornings. I’ve been known to waste entire days away in bed and it’s just not okay any more to do this on the regular. So I have decided to MAKE myself a morning person and here are my helpful little tips. 

1. Make every breakfast exciting.

I love food. I just do. But breakfast is usually the least exciting meal of the day for me because I just can’t be bothered. Wrong attitude, Elie! The possibilities of breakfast time are endless: porridge, smoothies, toast, cereal and so on can be so so versatile if you have the right ingredients so be adventurous.

2. Make a plan for the next morning the evening before.

Ensure you have a plan for the following morning or the whole day to get you out of bed. whether it be going for a jog, replying to emails, going food shopping or whatever just to get you up and about.

3. Coffee.

4. Set an alarm even if you don’t have to wake up.

Even on days off I have started setting an alarm just so that I wake up and don’t sleep until gone 10am. I hate that feeling at the end of the day when you’ve got nothing done and wondering where the hours have gone.

5. The most obvious point is to get an early night.

I am so out of the habit of going to sleep before 11.30 pm and then being ridiculously tired the next day and complaining about it until I’m in bed again. It might be hard at first to make yourself sleep but after a while it will be completely normal for be in bed at 9pm (at least on a school night)!

So there we go, five simple changes and you too can be a shiny, glittering, beautiful unicorn every day! What are your tips to being sprightly at the crack of dawn?

Peace and love, elie x


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