MOTD / Out Out

Okay so I didn’t actually go out out because I am a 70 year old in a 23 year old’s body who would rather stay in and bake a cake and read herself to sleep. But I do like putting make up on so I thought I would show what I would do on the rare occasion I leave the house at night time!

Start with a little contour, highlight and conceal and end up with a Simpson hand on my forehead. I used the Sleek cream contour kit and today it all melted in the sun which made a fun brown mess. Okay that sounds totally gross, sorry.

Blend blend blend! And then covered my face in powder. Classic Max Factor Noveau Beige.

Whip of eyeliner, splash of mascara.

Sleek matte lipsticks are pretty spot on. Not really one for such a dark lip but this has great long wear AND doesn’t make me look I’ve eaten 20 cherry ice lollies when I try and take it off. If I was going out I would also add some false lashes to make em pop.

Cute fan in the background.

Peace, love and cherry kisses x


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