Cocowhite for 14 Days: What Happened?

I decided after some research on teeth whitening that I didn’t want to go down the baking soda/hydrogen peroxide route as I don’t think they are a sustainable way of doing it. The results may be more rapid but there must be some degree of damage to your teeth using these substances. So what could be better than the ancient remedy of oil pulling. The supposed benefits include: whiter teeth, better breath, stronger gums, reduced sleep issues and headache and hangover relief.

Now, the first time I tried this I ended up with a sore jaw from swishing slightly too vigorously for 15 minutes. My number 1 tip is to take it slow, this is a marathon not a sprint. The substance will double in size because of saliva build up but make sure you do not swallow! A major benefit of this is to remove toxins from your mouth/body so consuming them goes completely against the point.

I decided to purchase Cocowhite from Superdrug because I had seen it advertised everywhere. Truthfully, I am not usually suckered by advertising but the packaging is pretty and it wasn’t too overpriced (a discount from the price on their website). So I got 14 sachets for £16 which doesn’t blow the bank. BUT – and this is a big ol’ BUT – this is so easy to make yourself! There are two ingredients: coconut oil and flavouring. So grab a jar of good quality coconut oil and some mint or lemon extract/flavouring and you are good to go. I also rinsed my mouth with salt water afterwards, and brushed and flossed as usual. Another tip I would say is to dispense of the leftovers into a lined bin rather than down the sink. Any oil down the drain can cause serious problems and no one wants to deal with that aftermath. 


My teeth felt cleaner after oil pulling and brushing than they did without the oil. This may be just because there is a thin film of oil left over which makes them feel more slippery on my tongue, who knows.

I THINK a couple of stains might have been removed. To me my teeth seem brighter but that could just be wishful thinking. They are definitely not pearly white. 

This stuff definitely got me over a pretty nasty hangover. I love the placebo effect and if this is what happened, who the hell cares, it worked!

This is for sure something I am going to keep in my daily routine. Whether it is all in the mind or is delivering real results, even without scientific proof, I would say there are some serious health benefits. My mouth feels cleaner and fresher and I’ve been sleeping better this last week. 

Don’t even take my word for it, go try it yourself! 




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