New Piercing 

I recently decided after quite a bit of thought and research to get a nipple piercing. After reading other people’s experiences, I wanted to share mine so far (as it’s only been just over a week). 


My friend had hers done a few months ago and was taken to a place in Stratford. Not Westfield, but the other older, less shiny shopping centre across the bridge. First impressions were not good. It was like some kind of indoor market with different open-front shops selling I don’t even know what because I was so nervous I didn’t register my surroundings. We got to a place called Marmalade Park; a small piercing place with an entrance and one room. My friend assured me it would be okay and I went ahead. The whole experience was actually great, the area was fully numbed and it was over in seconds. £20 and 5 minutes later I was back in the safety and familiarity of Westfield. 


At the time 0/5. Couldn’t feel a damn thing thanks to the numbing spray. 

Later that night 5/5. I have never felt pain like it in my life. Lying in bed tossing and turning, trying on different bras, taking all sorts of painkillers with my nipple feeling like the depths of hell. 

Next day 3/5. The pain had gone down a lot and I managed to wear a soft bra and it was fine if I didn’t touch it. 

Next week 0/5. I know the piercing hasn’t fully healed but there is absolutely no pain now. 


The lady told me to use a mix of rock salt and water, my friends told me to just use coconut oil. So I’m doing both! The salt water cleanses but makes it incredibly dry. The coconut oil is antibacterial and moisturises like a dream, plus it smells fresh. So far so great! 

For any piercing I would seriously recommend this place, if you can find it (it’s a maze in there!). She is so professional and quick and the prices are really reasonable. 

Until next time, chicas!



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