Dans Le Noir

A few weeks ago, I went for a meal with a few friends from work but this was no ordinary meal. 

The premise of dans Le noir, as the name suggests, is that you eat (and drink!) in complete darkness. I have never experienced the feeling of nothingness more in my life. When I say it was pitch black I mean you can’t see a single thing even after an hour of your eyes trying to adjust. The second novelty is that all the waiters are blind; we are, for a short time experiencing what they do every single day. 

Before going in you choose which menu you’d like to eat (meat, veggie or surprise) and you have no idea what you are eating until you see photographs afterwards. Textures and flavours are completely different from what you would expect and I pretty much guessed everything incorrectly. We even had to try to pour water from jugs into glasses ourselves which didn’t last long and instead I just ended up sipping on my lemonade. 

I actually came out incredibly grateful that I am able to see and it gave me an understanding of how frightening it would be to suddenly go blind; a lot more than I bargained for when I thought it was just a bit of fun! It was a fantastic experience which you should definitely try if you get the chance! 


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