Ten Things/London Eats Pt 1

London is my home-town, South South London to be precise. I adore it with all my little heart and all the wonders it has to offer. And most of all – the food. I am so glad I have people around me who share in my love of food and who will join me. So here is the first half of my list of the top ten places I have stuffed my face in this beautiful city and would suggest to you to do the same! Sidenote: these are in no particular order so just go visit them all.

Wahaca, Soho. I discovered Wahaca a while ago now and for the love of Mexico, I’m so glad I did. I’m not sure how close the food is to authentic Mexican cuisine but the flavours are ridiculous. With an ever-changing menu, I will never tire of the generous portions of street food they offer here. Two or three plates each is plenty and this place will not break the bank. Go for pork pibil tacos, stay for everything else.

Scallop + Prawn Ceviche, Sweet Potato + Feta Taquitos (my fave)

Urban Orient, Crystal Palace. This little cheeky surprise of a restaurant is such a great find. Sitting inconspicuously just on one of the points of the triangle in Crystal Palace, this place is Vietnamese food heaven. The place is filled with random pieces of wooden furniture and chairs that I don’t feel completely safe sitting on but that just adds to the charm. The food itself isn’t something to feast your eyes on but your taste buds will thank me later. The flavours are seriously incredible, the portion sizes are more than generous and the prices are an absolute bargain. They offer a range of dishes from dim sum to rice to pho, so there is something for everyone.

Franco Manca, various locations. Cheap, cheerful, wonderful pizza. I have visited the Brixton, Balham, Clapham, Tottenham Court Road, Stratford, South Kensington and a few other branches so I am pretty well rehearsed in the art of their pizzas. The atmosphere is so laid back, service is usually super quick and to get that melty cheese and rich tomato in my belly is always worth the wait. For atmosphere I would say avoid the Brixton branch, it’s like a run down school canteen.

Franco Manca tottenham court road

Karobuta, King’s Road. For a very relaxed, drinks + friends kind of vibe, this is the place to go. Inspired by the Izakayas of Japan serving small plates in a casual setting matched with a great menu and overpriced sake. You can get massive portions of sushi that we definitely didn’t realise were for sharing (so much food!) and great steamed buns. I have only been once but definitely plan on going back soon. 


La Bodega Negra, Soho. A great little Mexican just round the corner from China town. I’ve eaten at this restaurant twice now and even though the menu is tiny, the flavours make up for the lack of choice. Everything is delicious and I absolutely stuff myself until I can’t breathe. Before 6.30pm they do buy one get one free on coronas and margaritas to get adequately tipsy.

Starters at La Bodega Negra

This is just the first half of the list, stay tuned for the other 5! Where are your favourite places to eat in London or any other city? 



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