Like A Magpie

I very rarely wear jewellery but these are some of my top little pieces that I love no end. I tend to stick to silver because I feel it suits my skin tone better. 

The blue gem is actually part of a lovely body piece that goes up around my neck and round my waist. The gemstone sits in a nice middle position on my chest and really brings a simple black outfit together to give it an extra something. The elephant necklace I picked up from Topshop just recently and unfortunately because of the tiny chain it keeps breaking! I’ve had to get the pliers out on several occasions because I don’t just want to chuck it away! It’s so minimalist and cute so I won’t give up on it quite yet.

This is my favourite anklet from Urban Outfitters. Super simple but I love the colour and the delicacy of the chain that looks perfect with sandals in the summer and trainers in the colder months.

The silver ear cuff in the background, I have had for years I can’t even remember where I got it from! It came in a set and I’ve gradually lost the others along the way but I’m very happy to have kept this one. I feel like ear cuffs where part of a trend a couple of years back but that doesn’t stop me from adorning one every now and again.

Anyone who knows me knows I bloody love elephants. I received these earrings recently for my birthday from my beautiful gal pals and they are perfect. They are super diddy which I like for my ears and just the cutest little things from Urban Outfitters.

Do you have any pieces of jewellery that are special to you? 


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