Ten Things/A Long Weekend in Copenhagen

I just got back from a foggy, sub zero degrees capital of Denmark after a short break with my favourite munchkin. Despite my feet being so cold they felt like I was walking on actual glass before giving in and buying a pair of thick socks from Topshop, I had an amazing time! Here my top 10 sights, eats, tips and tricks for a long weekend in Copenhagen. 

1. When people say this city is expensive, don’t laugh it off and say you’ve been to/live in London. Prepare your wallet and state of mind and realise pricey takes on a whole new meaning here. 

2. The little mermaid is really…little. We ended a walking tour pretty close by so walked the extra 10 or so minutes to where she sits on her rock. She’s cute but not all that. 

3. You can walk nearly everywhere! If you’re up for it and staying pretty centrally, it’s only a half hour walk to some of the furthest sights and of course a much better way to see the city. It always felt safe, even at night. Don’t miss  these trampolines in the street! 

4. Go on a free walking tour. These guys do them for free and you tip whatever you think it’s worth. Our tour guide was funny, engaging and well rehearsed and though we didn’t get to stop at the sights for long, it was ace to hear the history. 

5. Get brunch at Cafe Norden. A surprisingly reasonably priced cafe right in the centre, perfect for a lovely brunch to start the day right. Sit upstairs and cosy up with a blanket and a hot chocolate. 

6. Go for pizza at Mother. Located in the Meatpacking district, this pizza place is da bomb; proper Napelese woodfire pizzas and a lowly lit ambient atmosphere. Go early evening, there was an hour and a half wait by the time we left! 

7. Take cute photos in Nyhavn. Pronounced Nu-hown, this place is probably Copenhagen’s biggest cliche but who cares?! The colourful houses are gorgeous and perfect for a signature holiday snap. 

8. Drink beer and eat brisket at Warpigs. The self-serve microbrewery with over 20 varieties of beer and Texas style BBQ is downright hipster, and it’s great. 

9. Have cocktails at Bar 7. This place was recommended by my travelling buddy’s friend’s Danish friend (tenuous links?). The atmosphere is so chill with big leather sofas, low lighting and an extensive cocktail menu, many I’d never heard of. Plus hot barmen…who can complain?

10. Christiania is one of the strangest places in Europe that I’ve been to. It’s sort of like Thornton Heath (the town in which I reside) but the weed is just out in the open. There was some cool artwork but mainly just dealers and people selling random trinkets.

Photo diary to come! If anyone is thinking about visiting Copenhagen, do it! It’s an incredible city with an interesting history, amazing food and the friendliest of residents. If you’ve been, what were your fave bits?


6 thoughts on “Ten Things/A Long Weekend in Copenhagen

  1. Fab blog Elie. Makes me want to go back!! Dig the trampolines!!! Transport links to the city outskirts are very good and there’s a lot to see and do in the surrounding areas. A big 👍👍for Cafe Norden. Love Mama ⚘💗


      1. Ooooh, another good tip. Thank you. From the pictures I have seen so far they must have pretty good food there. Yummy.
        They have the Euro as currency, right?


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