Not all men

Not all men. How does this help the 13-year-old girl in her school uniform being glared at by a much much older man on the train? How does this stop that man from putting his hand down his trousers and touching himself while staring at that same girl?

Not all men. What does this do for the 14-year-old girl liking one boy and ending up surrounded by his friends, terrified and alone?

Not all men. I understand, but tell that to the man sitting on the bench in the middle of town, breathing down teenage girls’ necks and rubbing his crotch while they wait for JLS to come out and perform.

Not all men. Then why oh why does the 15-year-old girl get called ‘gassed’ when she doesn’t want to give out her number? Why does the 18-year-old get death threats thrown at her when she says no?

Not all men. Okay, but how come the 20-year-old woman gets her leg groped over and over again by the man on the coach encroaching on her personal space?

Not all men. Right, yes but the 23-year-old woman still got followed on her way home, being asked to spend a night with a stranger over and over. In the end being forced to call a man she trusts to come and pick her up. The 24-year-old woman just wanted to be polite and give directions but still ended up being followed to her door.

NOT ALL MEN. You can scream this from the damn rooftops as much as you like, it doesn’t stop some men and it doesn’t help any women.

You’re right. It isn’t all men, but your empathy has to stretch far enough to understand why we carry our house keys between our knuckles when walking alone at night; why we cross the road or take a different route if we see a dark figure in the distance; why we have to speak out against THOSE men.

I am so happy that people have been sharing their bad experiences on social media lately because no one should ever be silenced or too afraid to speak out.


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