Alternative life goals – it’s not all about settling down

I’ve just turned 25 and everyone around me seems to be moving into their own place, getting engaged or securing their dream job. I wouldn’t say I feel like I’m stuck in a rut just because I’m still living at home, because I’m more than happy where I am and so so grateful that I’m able to live with my parents. 

On the flip side, it’s always a struggle not to compare yourself to your peers, especially when it’s all over social media all of the time. We have so many years ahead of us to be worrying about living the stereotypical life. Milestones and goals other than marriage and kids are a great way to realise how far you’ve come and how many exciting things lie ahead. 

1. Get a degree or three. If you’re busy concentrating on your education, great! If that leaves little time for relationships or saving money then so be it; especially if your dream career is on the other side of that education. 

2. Go on a solo trip abroad. The independence you’ll gain by travelling abroad on your own will stay with you forever. Stay in hostels, meet new people and take some time for you to see the world; even if you don’t go half way round the world. 

3. Read the classics. Probably not all of them because there are hundreds but maybe begin with this list

4. Run a marathon. Perhaps start with a 10k because we aren’t crazy people. Build up to that causal 26mile run/jog/walk/crawl. 

5. Learn another language. Then go to that country and speak to the locals in said language. 

6. Say ‘I love you’ and mean it. Say it when you don’t expect it back. 

7. Have your heart well and truly broken then pick yourself back up and carry on with life. Probably best not to do this one on purpose, but if it happens, know you’ll be okay. 

8. Host a dinner party. Cook all the food from scratch, use the nice plates. 

9. Vote for the first time. In an election, not a Twitter poll. 

10. Learn to drive. Will I ever learn to drive? Who knows? I should and so should you. 

11. Do something that truly terrifies you. From bungee-jumping to being in a play, face that fear. 

12. Asking for a promotion/raise when you know you deserve it. 

13. Get a tattoo. Only if you’re completely sure/don’t mind having something permanently etched into your skin. If you’re anything like me you’ll need to take a friend along to bite their arm so the pain doesn’t hurt quite so much.

14. Get a pet. Adopt a dog or a cat from a rescue centre and give it all the love in the world; they deserve it as much as humans. 

tl;dr: be content, be grateful, don’t compare, and stay on your own path. 
E x


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