My love/hate relationship

London is my marmite. I’ve lived in the same house here my whole life. I say London I mean Croydon. London doesn’t want to claim us and nor does Surrey so I pretty much live in limbo and *spoiler alert* there are no pros to living in Croydon apart from the fact you can get pretty much EVERYWHERE else easily. 

For the sake of this post, I do live in London and I have the biggest love/hate relationship with this wonderful, bustling city, so let’s get down to business. 

Love: Many cultures = Many cuisines. London has such a variety to offer when it comes to food and as long as it tastes good, I am there for it. 

Hate: The most obvious one first; everything is so expensive. As if I can afford to have nice things and eat nice things and see nice things. House prices, pints, cinema tickets and travel are just a few of the ludicrously priced things you can find. 

Love: On the flip side to that, there is always something to do and many events are free. Whether it be a cheese festival, a photography exhibition or a pillow fight in Hyde Park, you will never be bored if you look in the right places. 

Hate: It’s too busy. All the time. I find myself constantly wanting to rush around and get away from all the people also rushing around which I’m sure must raise my blood pressure. If I could commute from rural Surrey, I’d do so in a heartbeat. 

Love: The underground system is extensive and soon you’ll be able to get all the way from Reading to Essex on one through-London line. 

Hate: House prices in Reading and Essex have already started to skyrocket. 

Love: Parks, parks and more parks. There are a surprising number of green spaces in an ever-growing, ever-developing city. Secret gardens, rolling hills and open fields.

Love: Love love love that living in Croydon means I can get everywhere so easily. The rolling hills of Surrey are on my doorstep, I can get to central London pronto and I don’t have to deal with the underground every single day.

London is far from perfect but it’s definitely home. What are the great and not-so-great things about your city? 

E x


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