Curly and cruelty-free

Since I can remember my hair has been a struggle. I cut it short, straightened the crap out of it and finally accepted that it will forever be crazy curly and mad frizzy. 

It’s far curlier at the back than the front, it knots seconds after being brushed and can’t be tamed easily. So you can imagine how difficult it’s been to find hair products that actually work for me. And that’s been even more of a challenge since turning to cruelty free cosmetics.

Finding cruelty-free hair products which actually work for my hair has been a MISSION. All the cruelty-free brands seem to also be paraben and silicon free which I know might be awful for hair but are needed for me to get a hairbrush anywhere NEAR my head. 

I’ve had to compromise and buy Herbal Essences conditioner because I haven’t found one that doesn’t completely matte my hair when I try to run a comb through it. On the flip side, I’ve discovered the perfect range of products to do everything else. 

There is so much contradicting advice on whether we should even use shampoo but I firmly believe my hair would crumple without it. Coco loco shampoo from Lee Stafford thoroughly cleans my hair without drying it out.

This gorgeous hair treatment smells great, I’m not sure if it’s actually made my hair grow but it makes it super soft. 

Girls with frizzy, curly hair know how crunchy and crispy so many hair products can make our curls. This stuff is the answer. A light-weight curl definer that doesn’t stick around on top of each hair and gives it a little bounce. 

I’ve only used the CoCo LoCo hair treatment once so far but it’s the most perfect treatment for use between shampoo and conditioner. It left my hair feeling silky smooth (or as silky as it can be). 

And last but should probably have been first. The staple to any curly gal’s hair repertoire; Lush R&B hair moisturiser. If this stuff wasn’t so expensive I would use it a whole load more but mumma got bills to pay (not really I’d rather just spend my money on food). 

So there we have it! My favourite products I’m using at the moment. Not much brand variety but when you find one you love, you gotta stay loyal! 

El x


One thought on “Curly and cruelty-free

  1. I’m a lover of Lush’s R&B hair moisturiser. Been a staple in my hair care routine for 3 years and still going strong! I need a new shampoo and conditioner, I’ve never wondered down to the Lee Stafford stuff before but I will definitely take a look now! It’s so hard for me trying to find products for curly hair that are cruelty free, thank you for the eye opener! x


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