I cannot stop raving about this skincare brand

I only discovered Evolve Organic Beauty recently at the We Heart Mondays Christmas event, but I instantly fell in love. The stand was set up so simply and the minimalistic imp living in my heart jumped for joy. After learning they were cruelty-free, vegan and made in England, that was me sold.

I checked out some of the products, (including an all-natural deodorant which smells like cherry drops!), and jumped at the opportunity to try some of them out for a few weeks. I wanted to make Evolve my skincare routine for around a month to see how it would affect my skin and WOW, I never want to go back.

Grace, one of the reps sent me the Fresh Face face wash, the hyaluronic serum and Daily Renew moisturiser.

The face wash smells wonderful – fresh and slightly floral while not being overpowering in the slightest. I sometimes used it with an exfoliating pad because it doesn’t froth up much using just hands. It does exactly what it says on the bottle by removing all traces of makeup. The addition of aloe vera leaves my skin SO smooth and supple. It’s an inevitable fact that when you wear mascara or eyeliner you’ll need to scrub it off with something. One of the best things about the face wash, which frustrates me about others is that it doesn’t sting my eyes at all.

One pump of the hyaluronic is enough for the face and neck. It doesn’t smell of much but boy does it pack a punch skin-puffiness wise. The bouncebackability of my skin increased 10-fold (approximation) after using this in the morning and evening and left me smooth and happy.

I feel like the moisturiser could be love or hate for some people just down to the smell. It’s coconutty and shea buttery which makes it super sweet. BUT the smell doesn’t linger and the result you’re left with is the clearest, most hydrated skin of your life.

Overall I am super super impressed with the products, especially for the incredible reasonable price tag. I would highly recommend Evolve for people with dry skin (like me) because despite the horrible winter winds, my skin is hydrated, supple and smooth. And here’s a huge bonus for you: I haven’t had a single spot since I changed my routine. Not even during my period which is when my skin usually turns against me and attacks!

I’ve never been a massive skincare fiend but this feels like the beginning of a beautiful journey for me and my skin

E x


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