Photo Diary/Crete

I’m missing my Grecian holiday and I’m already planning where to go next in my head! If you like beautiful scenery, idyllic beaches, historical wonders, yummy food and loads of cute kitties; Crete is the place for you. Here are some of my favourite snaps from my trip x

A fisherman off the coast in Chania
Icecream = love
Oranges in Chania botanical gardens
Holidaying with my favourite human
Hiking Chania
Church of Virgin Mary, Chania
Mountains are the best backdrop
Boats in the harbour
Chania harbour
Whitewashed trees in the botanical gardens
Government building in Heraklion
Pink houses everywhere
Valleys on the way to Elafonisi
Cat central

Heraklion harbour

10 days in Crete

I just came back from a (mostly) sunny 10 days in the Greek island of Crete. Originally we were going to visit a couple of islands but it worked out a bit over budget so opted for the full time in Crete. I’ve got serious holiday blues and can’t stop posting photos on my Instagram so while it’s fresh, here are my top recommendations for a holiday to Crete. 

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This Is Me.Β 

I’ve always been a quiet human. I’ve overcome a lot of worries and push myself every day to gain confidence and be a friendly, open person. When I was little, I was painfully shy and wouldn’t want to talk to unknown members of my own family let alone strangers, always hiding behind and holding onto the back of my mum’s knees. I would never speak up for myself and though I was never bullied, I was pretty much a push-over as my silence made me seem weak.

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